Mark H Fitzpatrick


I write poetry born of a reverence for the power of ideas, and of a need to share a perspective, that we are not alone—we face the void together.

In addition to writing, I work on ways to support organizations dedicated to Effective Giving. A portion of my book sales are donated to charities that seek to improve the lives of those in extreme poverty.

Thank you for stopping by.

Made of Stars

“To what can you be compared, sparkling with love, the lives within, what could have come before but the light and heat of a cosmos born?”

Made of Stars is an epic poem in prose, a modern ode to the traditions of Homer and Dante, Spenser and Milton.

At its core is an ancient tale of love and loss, dark nights and redemption, and, as with those that came before, it is also an attempt to evolveto dance on furthest edge of all we might experience.

I hope you gain as much from reading it as I did in the writing.

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