Mark H Fitzpatrick


My art and poetry is born of a reverence for the power of ideas and a need to share a perspective, that we are not alone, we face the void together.

Part of every sale is donated to charities seeking to improve the lives of those in extreme poverty (i.e. Against Malaria) as well as organizations leading the way in mental health research and advocacy (i.e. Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention).

I am also a blockchain enthusiast eager to support those that are bringing the best parts of web3 into reality such as more equitable earning opportunities for creators and stronger connections between artists and their communities.

Thank you for stopping by.

The Book of Lilies: New & Selected Poems

The Book of Lilies is a growing compilation of NFTs representing my favorite poems from previous books as well as new works that will find a home in books yet to be written.

I hope you enjoy them.

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Circles of Liberation

Thirty objects of contemplation dedicated to the wish for happiness and freedom for all beings.

Each is derived from its title in collaboration with AI to produce an image symbolizing our shared perfection.

All proceeds go to the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention via The Giving Block.

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Twilight Maps

do you hear me twist and swirl as you write stories about wolves and hunger you seem to think them new but no tale can be invented that hasn’t already been told by the sea…

Gothic geoglyphs. Streams of consequence. Shadow dreams.

A jagged string of poems for the half-light.

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Midnight With Words

From the far reaches of the globe, they came together. Poets and scribes. Lyricists and dilettantes. Lovers of language and the power of symbolism in syllables.

United by their passion for wonderment in words, this special collective of exceptionally talented writers are sure to astound and delight with lines of love, ballads of bygone days, verses of ventures in soul searching, and much more.

So pour something warm and curl up into evening’s blanket; Midnight With Words: Late Night Conversations in Poetry will keep you roused long into the small hours.

Featuring Ty Gardner, Lisa Alletson, Joe Barca, Mark H Fitzpatrick, Antonia Wang, Wanjiku Wanjiru, and Delilah Doe.

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Ocean of Flowers

“let’s assume we choose, tell me, when death comes at long last, in that final instant, what will you be, the perfect mirror, or wild lover of life that leaves us behind?

Ocean of Flowers is an art-infused collection of pithy poems and contemporary koans.

They may provoke enlightenment, or fade away in time. Only the latter is guaranteed.

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Made of Stars

“To what can you be compared, sparkling with love, the lives within, what could have come before but the light and heat of a cosmos born?”

Made of Stars is an epic poem in prose, a modern ode to the traditions of Homer and Dante, Spenser and Milton.

At its core is an ancient tale of love and loss, dark nights and redemption. It is also an attempt to evolveto dance on furthest edge of all we might experience.

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